Nature is Art for Conservation & Discovering Science Through the Lens

"Simple Perceptions" fine art photography brought in the first public exhibition in the year 2000. This was a collection of conceptual images photographed with 35mm and Medium Format cameras, using B&W Negatives and Color Reversal Films from the year 1988 onwards to the year 2000. This journey has continued with more images of nature and more perspectives over the years.

"Simple Perceptions" brought in the new series of images to support and empower "Nature is Art for Conservation" concept, a Citizen Science initiative. This exhibition opened on Earth Day 2014 and for consecutive years in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019 at Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath art gallery in Bangalore. 2020 brought in the 7the Consecutive year. It was an online people participation campaign partnering with Earth Day Network celebrating its 50 Years. 2021 brought in the 8th Consecutive year with Nature Videos shot on an iPhone for the last one year through the Pandemic being featured on Youtube & by Earth Day Network inviting all to participate as Changemakers.

This art photography concept aspires to reach and connect with each part of nature on our planet and spread the message “Nature is Art for Conservation.” This growing exhibition series needed the step forward, to spread the message of Citizen Science by reaching out to people in different spaces, for participative engagement and dialogue. To meet this goal, the exhibition began traveling from the year 2014, across Corporate, Institutions, Public Forums & Schools. 

The educational aspect of this fine art nature collection is to get efficiently transformed into empowering Citizen Science resource content / stories / films “Discovering Science Through The Lens" series. These stories / content / films with innovative presentation styles bring in the scientific and other interesting information of each creative fine art image, building a unique Citizen Science spirit. The encounter with the images opens the audience mind to Intrigue, Curiosity, and Wonder making it an endearing experience.

With each image and with each story / content / film, the goal is towards building awareness of the beauteous treasure around us and to awaken "A New Life Pledge" for Conservation of Biodiversity as Citizen Scientists.