GreaterThe Sustainable Development Report 2021 is the seventh edition of our independent quantitative report on the progress of UN Member States towards Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This edition has a special focus on the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and the decade of action for the SDGs.

13 Climate Action

Nature is Art for Conservation & Discovering Science Through the Lens

This is an unique Art Movement for Climate Action which will lead to rediscovering the artist, photographer, and learner in you. It will inspire you to become a Citizen Scientist and transform you into a storyteller, empowering you to play an active part in the story of environment protection.

By Capturing Art Images and Discovering Science facts you will bring strong focus on the Conservation Potential of Biodiversity. Each participating person in our engagement program, becomes a protector of Carbon Sequestration and becomes a Climate Hero.

A tree absorbs carbon during photosynthesis and stores it in the wood for the life of the tree. The Neem tree has a carbon sequestration capacity of 1.45 lakh tonnes in its lifetime.

There are Five crucial things you will succeed in promoting along with the championing of Carbon Reduction as per World Economic Forum.

  1. Reduce Pollution and lower the temperatures
  2. Make people less Stressed and Happier
  3. Protect Biodiversity
  4. Save money in terms of Healthcare, Energy and Environment costs
  5. Keep people Physically Healthy and Younger

United Nations - Let us Protect 30% of the Planet by 2030