13 Climate Action

Nature is Art for Conservation & Discovering Science Through the Lens

Fall in Love with Nature all over again and Discover your Inner Reflections

Celebrate your Love Story with Nature by Joining Us. It is about ART, NATURE, SCIENCE and YOU.


  • Fine Art Images Virtual Exhibition
  • Motivational Message Posters
  • Audio Introduction
  • Step by Step Roadmap
  • Get to be a part of E Book with Fine Art Images & Nature Love Stories
  • Get to be a part of Film documenting this meaningful activity
  • Submit Images to the Photography Contest
  • Opportunity to Share the Published E Book to Empower & Educate Children in various Aided schools

INR 1000/person
(Rupees One Thousand Only)


For any Group Participation of above 50 Numbers, Corporate Employee Engagement and Premium Services Contact Us.

Lets #ANSY this 9th Year

Take Part and Save the Planet with your Creative Powers. Observe deeply and Engage beautifully with Nature around you, this will help you begin to understand it better, go ahead nurture it and nurture yourself too in this rewarding process. This project offers a meaningful and personally fulfilling Experience!!!

Participants Roadmap

Get oriented to the Project by listening to the Introduction Audio

Look at the Virtual Exhibition Images and Motivational Posters

Now Identify a Subject in Nature that you feel about. This could be anywhere from your Home Garden, to City Roads, Parks or Visiting Nature Reserves.

Get your Regular Camera or Mobile Camera and be ready to click a picture that is unique. Take your time to compose and carefully see an image in Nature that fascinates you. Now Click.. Click… Click!!!

Now take out your pen or type using a keyboard. It is Time for the Story about your Subject in Nature. How did you decide and what made you choose it on the given day. How did this Love Story evolve. Last but not the least what is the Title of your Story.

Go a few steps further with your thoughts, put your efforts to discover the scientific attributes of the Subject you clicked in Nature and explore its impact on the broad Ecosystem. Discover the facts and gather the exciting details. Make this a part of your Story.

Send us a mail with your completed story and captured image.
Note: The words count of 300-500 words and the size of the file should be less than 5MB.
Format to be in JPG / PNG and Email to brandradianzglobal@gmail.com

Why is it important

Bio Diversity loss & Climate Change are the greatest issues we face today. We are living in the period of fastest urban growth in human history, with more than 2 billion additional people expected in cities by 2030 - a pace that is the equivalent to building a city the size of New York City every 6 weeks. Increased urbanisation and extensive changes has lead to considerable challenges for biodiversity. There has been gross neglect in appreciating the role of Nature in our quest for rapid development. This has led to the degradation and destruction of valuable ecosystems.

The current climate & health challenges have underscored the importance even more, about creating new opportunities to protect nature in cities and other natural habitats.

To address the societal challenges from climate change and green recovery in a sustainable way, we offer this Nature based solution #ANSY - It is about ART, NATURE, SCIENCE and YOU. A unique experience and emotional engagement for people to participate in.

Today this "For Nature" activity is designed to work towards increasing keen desire with the Power of Art towards Environment Conservation and with Personal Citizen Science Stories, bringing forth the Educational aspect towards building individual empowerment to Overcome the Ecological Challenges.

"This ensures Great Impact on People, Brands / Organisations and our Planet"

Biodiversity has complete Relevance to every Business today. Biodiversity is a fundamental component of the Earth's life support system. It provides natural products and underpins basic natural services which mankind has always been able to take for granted, such as the provision of fresh water, fertile soil, clean air and stable weather systems. Biodiversity can be considered a finite resource, since it cannot be regenerated at anything like the rate at which it is being lost.

Nature Interaction makes people happier and healthier. Nature can help reduce stress and increase creativity and focus, research shows. Some researchers suggest humans have an innate need to be connected with nature. This is called Biophilia. Nature also has been shown to create positive Mental Health effects, also such as lowering heart rates and blood pressure.

People engagement in Environment related activities offers many opportunities to them.

  1. Building and strengthening creative art skills and storytelling communication skills of participants.
  2. Offering the opportunity to people to contribute to important conservation & climate change cause.
  3. Providing the opportunity to Brands / Organisations to meet their Environment Goals role as employers. These benefits will also have broad positive effect on the Brands / Organisations through increased motivation, morale and potential productivity of employees.

How can you make a difference

This project offers you an opportunity to Participate as "Me The Changemaker" to save our beautiful planet.

Nature always opens the doorway to bridging our intuitive and logical aspirations. When creativity and intellect blend in harmony, they take us towards a greater wholesomeness, giving way to a transformational change.

"Nature is Art for Conservation with Discovering Science Through the Lens" project offers you the joy of pursuing the creative path, a chance to express your feelings in words and empower you with knowledge as a Citizen Scientist.

This fine art photography project draws people to nature and helps them experience Intrigue, Curiosity and Wonder. This endearing Art Movement for Climate Action will inspire one to rediscover the artist, photographer, and learner in them. It will transform them into storytellers who can inspire others to play an active part in the story of environment protection.

Find out how you make an Impact

Premium Services

  • Publish an E-Book
  • Print & Frame Photographs
  • Photographs with Story Summary
  • Personal Calendars / Posters